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Moving Update: Limbo

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Hello strangers. I've been a little MIA recently as a lot has been changing.  Not only am I'm moving to a new home soon-ish, I'm also moving to a new office.  In the early part of June my company is moving it's offices downtown.  The idea that I have to pack up  practically everything in my life all at once is a bit frustrating.  But, I'm open to change and I'm actually really excited about the work life move. The new offices are going to be great, they've taken a ton care and time into designing the most inspiring and beautiful spaces and the location is fabulous. I'll be right near Madison Square Park and the Flatiron. When it comes to my personal move, I am in a stickier situation.  We're in limbo right now. We have to move in the next month, but we still do not have a clear understanding about where we will be living.  We put an offer down on a beautifully amazing Co-op in Brooklyn (yes, we'll be back in Brooklyn!) and it was accepted!  But I don't want to get too excited about it yet as the deal could still fall through.  The worst part is that even if we get the place, closing could take forever and we could be homeless for an uncertain amount of time.

But of course with everything up in the air, my mind is still racing with decorating ideas.  I just can't wait to get my hands on it!  A few awesome aspects to the apartment include:

1. A Foyer! A bonafide foyer! I want to make a big statement with a bold wallpaper and a lovely entryway table!

2. Subway tiles, and a claw foot tub in the bathroom! I love LOVE claw foot tubs!!! I had one in my first apartment and i was just the best for taking baths!

3.  Pre-war with high, high ceilings, and large mouldings! I love moldings and architectural details so I'm pretty stoked that this place has them throughout!

4. A window in every room! Yes! Light!

Can't you see why I'm daydreaming about decorating?  Has anyone else been in my situation? How long did it take to close?