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Brimfield - May 2011

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Not only is summer right around the corner, but so is the Flea Market and Antiquing season!  This week was the first of the three 2011 Brimfield Antique Shows, in Brimfield Massachusetts.  Luckily, a few of us from the office were able to take the trip to the show this week.  This was my first visit to Brimfield (even though, I grew up only 30 mins away) and I had a great time searching for both work and play items.  For those of you who have never been or have never even heard of Brimfield, you should definitely try to go sometime.  It's huge!  There is just so much to see and if you're looking for something old, vintage or antique, chances are, you'll find it. . . or something very similar to what you have in mind.  Keeping in mind that I have to move soon, I didn't want to purchase anything too big or specific.  I'm definitely going back in July with my boyfriend because he really wanted some "military or WW2 stuff".  I failed on purchasing anything for him, but I feel like thrifting and antiquing is more of a personal thing.  My purchases did include:  A pair of 19th century silhouettes, a 1940's wool nurse's cape, and a suitcase to make into a doggy bed all for the total cost of $84.00.  Although, I only ended up bringing home a few things, I took a lot of photos of interesting booths and items.

Check it out.