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Color Trend: A Blue Period

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On Friday, while waiting for a delayed flight from Montreal to New York, I purchased six design magazines- yes six - for inspiration.  I committed to my glossy ritual, that is to flip through each magazine in less 5 minutes before I deciding on which articles to read.  My first impression was that there was an apparent color trend of deep blues throughout.   The intense blues fit well into both the modern and traditional interiors.  Although many rooms used blue textiles and accessories, others really made a splash (pun intended) with richly painted blue walls.

In interior design, the ranges of blues can express a broad range of moods, from the soothing atmospheric sky light tones to the deep blues that evoke water.  It has also been said that dark and rich tones can create a great atmosphere for meditation.  Whatever blue may be representing this year, it seems as though it is on the top of our tastes as many designers are using it in many unexpected ways.  I have also spotted the past year's greatest color trend of corals and tangerines to be used in conjunction with the blue.  The complimentary colors create energy and interest and especially pop against their cool counterparts.

I have grabbed a several images from the newly launched TradHome magazine that came about through a collaboration with Traditional Home Magazine and Lonny Magazine.  I'm especially excited, as I'm a deeply rooted traditionalist who loves both of these magazines and grabs inspiration from each all of the time!  Along with TradHome and Lonny, I found some great images from Living Etc. and Marie Claire Maison.  While searching for more images, I found that Marie Claire Maison had a quick article about how blue can be used for a restful decoration. Here are a few of my favorite images that fall within this trend.


Blue and Brights