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DIY: Convex Mirror Update

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Remember my recent post about Circular & Convex Mirrors?  Well I ended up painting my mirror last week.  After looking at antique and expensive repros I really felt the need to give mine a facelift. So here she is! The gold color is not a true gold, it's actually called Champagne and I thought about making it even more gold, but I seem to have a thing with liking metallics that are neither gold nor silver. So I think I'll keep the bulbous beauty this way for at least a little bit.

This project took a bit more time than I expected it would, but partilly because I also painted the curtain rings black - you probably didn't notice, but they were really bothering me.  They were originally white hand-me-downs.

Here's how I did it:

  1. I covered the kitchen table with drop cloths and gathered up all of my tools and materials. That included two small paint brushes, one larger brush, painter's tape, Modern Mastersblack acrylic paint (or any black paint for that matter, mine I've had sitting around for years), Modern Masters metallic paints ($11.99 @ Janovic) and a butter knife.

  2. I taped around the edges of the glass because I can be pretty messy.  You may not have to do this however, if you have a careful hand. I also used the butter knife to get the tape really close to the edges.

  3. After looking at a few images of antique mirrors and consulting with my mother, I decided I would paint the inside rims black.  Most of the antique mirrors have black interior rims.

  4. Before painting the black, I made sure to paint the entire frame gold with the larger brush, I think it ended up being 4 layers of gold paint to get the right opacity. Then I began painting the black with the smaller brush.  After finishing the interior rims, I decided to paint the outside rims black as well - I think it gives a little bit more interest.

VOILA! The Mirror After:

Lastly, since my mom practically begged me to add a photo of hers, I had to do it.  She said that  this mirror was also a cheap find.  It originally had the eagle on the top, but she didn't like the quality of it, so she took the eagle off and also painted a black rim in the center as well to make it more look more authentic.

I'd also like to point out, that the fireplace and hearth are faux.  She had my dad build out the wall, add the molding, build the hearth, and add the mantel.  I guess it runs in the family to fall in love with a handy man!