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Bill Cunningham New York

Lauren Caron2 Comments

Last night was the opening night of the Bill Cunningham New York Documentary.  I've heard/read mixed reviews, but I don't care.  I really want to see this film.  I love this man. I work very close to where he usually photographs in the morning and unfortunately, I've never had the chance to meet him because I'm always stuck in the office by the time he's there.  But from my window, I have seen him in his blue parka clicking away at the fashionable individuals.

One day, my boyfriend was outside my work and I was on the phone with him from the 8th floor.  When I was looking for him on the street I spotted Bill Cunningham, so I told him:

"Get off  the phone and say hello to that man in the blue parka! He's Bill Cunningham! I love him!"  and Jack's response was,

"Who's Bill Cunningham?"

"He's the man who photographs for the New York Times in the style section, remember the collages?"

"Oh okay."

Then, he hung up the phone walked over to Bill, shook his hand and they spoke for about a minute (yes, I watched the whole thing).  Later he told me that Bill was extremely nice and that he had mentioned how much I respect his work and appreciate him.  Thanks, Jack!

I haven't seen Bill outside since that day.  I hope he comes back soon!