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Wednesday's Wants: Satin & Velvet Throw Pillows

SPACESLauren Caron2 Comments

For over a month now I've been thinking about how much better my life would be with a few velvet & satin throw pillows in it . . .  Well not really.  But I have been dreaming about making a few since I found this image of from the American Modern book by Thomas O'Brien about a month back.  As a matter of fact, I also want the book, I borrowed it from a friend and planned on buying it, but still have yet to do so.

Back to the pillows.  There's something about this image that makes me  melt, I love the luxuriousness of the soft fabrics, but also the vintage character that they have.  I have made a few pillows for my apartment in the past so, I guess the next few on my list will have to be in this vain.