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The Kino Brothers and Farrow & Ball Events All Within Two Weeks!

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The past few weeks I've felt somewhat like a baller as I was invited to several events.  I don't know why I was put on these lists, but I had a lot of fun.  Although, the Zink March Cover release party sounded like tons of fun, I couldn't allow myself to go out on a week night - work has been nuts lately.  I did however, make it to the Apartment Therapy Design Evening at ABC Carpet & Home and the Celebration of Farrow & Ball's new colours.

This month Apartment Therapy invited two of the most recognized antique appraisers, Leigh & Leslie Keno to one of their Offline, Design Evening events.  Along with sharing their passion and expertise for rare Americana, they unveiled their vintage-inspired urban furniture line produced by Theodore Alexander.

The house was packed with loads of savvy designers and enthusiasts, and I truly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere where I had the chance to converse with the audience as well as with the Keno brothers - we spoke of our similar upbringings, living in 19th century homes in the middle of the country!

The collection is "Inspired by a love of antiques and a passion for sculpture and rare objects, with a level of craftsmanship rarely seen today."  My favorite piece of furniture was the Slope Chair.  It's extremely well crafted with clean, beautiful lines and looks as though the entire form is made of a single piece of wood.  The caning, not only adds texture, it evokes the feeling of design heritage.  Surprisingly, this chair is also moderately priced.

The brothers mentioned many times that they really wanted these pieces of furniture to be the quality of heirlooms and for them to last many generations, unlike much of the furniture produced today.  I value that concept, as my mother has several heirloom pieces of furniture that she is adamant about giving to my siblings and I.  The idea of heirlooms is so special, because they are a link between the past and the present.  It's always a pleasure to go through old photographs and see the exact chairs or dressers that we use today, being used by my great grandmothers.  I would suggest if you live in the area to visit ABC Carpet & Home and check out this collection, even if you are not looking to buy.  It's great to see that companies are still producing quality furniture.

Do any of you have heirloom pieces in your family? If so, I'd love to hear about them.


The next event took place this past Thursday when I was invited to attend the Celebration of Farrow & Ball's new paint colours at the Farrow & Ball NYC store located in Soho, co-hosted by Farrow & Ball and Traditional Home Magazine.  I was extremely excited because Bunny Williams, the guest of honor was also there to sign copies of her new book Scrapbook for Living.

This is Williams' third book and a bit different from her other books as she described it to be an inspirational, instructional book about personalizing your home.

The showroom was festive with accents of bunnies and flowers.

Purple tulips were arranged inside pots that were painted in the newest Farrow & Ball colours.

The new colours are:

  • Oxford Stone No. 264
  • Manor House Gray No. 265
  • Mizzle No. 266
  • Dove Tale No. 267
  • Charlotte's Locks No. 268
  • Cabbage White No. 269
  • Calluna No. 270
  • Brassica No. 271
  • Plummett No. 272.


So do you have a new favorite color? I'm caught between two:

Mizzle, partially because of the name.

& Calluna - it would be dreamy in a bedroom.