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A new look for Dior

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With all of the drama going on with the house of Dior lately, I thought I would finally post this image that I took over the holidays of the flagship store on 57th street.  The store reopened on December 10th after a major renovation by Peter Marino.

The architect aimed to bring the spirit of the Parisian flagship on Avenue Montaigne to New York with a store inspired by the residential feel of a Parisian hotel, with stock ranging from the luxurious clothing to Christian Dior jewellery and accessories.-

Although the interiors are trés chic My favorite addition to this renovation however has to be the larger than life, flourescent outlined, new look model from the famous 1947 collection.  What a great use of vertical space and branding!

While of course I do not agree with Galliano's 'tangent' and violent remarks, it's not my place to speak upon the subject.  But I do hope that the Dior brand's reputation will not be tainted after this whole incident.  It would be extremely sad if the reputation as one of the most important couturiers of the twentieth century that Christian Dior built were to be ruined in one night.

His very first collection which launched in 1947, where he introduced a collection featuring rounded shoulders, cinched waists and full skirts.  The American pressed dubbed this collection the "New Look" which celebrated ultra-femininity in women's fashion.   I'm sure many can agree that this collection changed women's fashion forever.

Lastly, I was extremely fortunate in 2009 to have been given the opportunity through my school to visit the Dior couture showroom in the Parisian Flagship.  Here are a few photos from my visit.

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