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Image from Rodarte's latest collection.

It was Fashion week in New York last week and there was a strong trend throughout many design houses.  That trend may or may not have been influenced by the Oscar nominated film True Grit.  Probably not completely the source of inspiration, considering the timeframe it takes to design collections but it does show that many of us are harkening back to the "good ol' days" when the west was wild, the world was simple and the women were still ladies. . . .  What is now being called Prairie Chic was seen in Ready to Wear shows across the board at Rodarte (who's futuristic collection has been all over the news), Sonia Rykiel, Anna Sui, Steven Alan, Marc Jacobs and lower budget brands like even Zara.

Taking cues from these designers I wondered how might I interpret the film True Grit into both an outfit and a room?

Hailee Steinfeld's character Mattie Ross has a wardrobe in the film that mostly consists of a large olive green overcoat, a belt to keep it together, a felt bucket hat, and pigtails. I've pulled together several pieces that can take this costume from gritty to fashion forward.

1. Military style overcoat by Motel 2. Felt Hat similar style found at Urban Outfitters 3. Vintage Campfire Blanket 4. Messenger Bag by Madewell 5. Frye Heels 6. Ensemble from Steven Alan's Ready to Wear show 7. Lace Capelet from Anthropologie 8. Leather Belt from Anthropologie


Styling a room based on the film would be a lot of fun.  Taking inspiration from the above scene shots, I imagine a lofty bedroom with a strong sense of comfort but not dowdy.  Rustic decor can easily combine both feminine and masculine accents, the trick to making it contemporary is to put together pieces that are both timeless and functional.

1. Plaid bedding from Anthropologie.  2. Simple lace curtains from Country Curtains. 3. The centerpiece of this room would have to be the classic spool bed (aka Jenny Lind bed) a great informational article about this colonial piece can be found on Design Sponge .  These beds are commonly found at flea markets and on ebay!  4. Baguette storage baskets from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams 5. Picnic blanket by Sparks 6. Wooden frame from Anthropologie 7. Brass horse pulls from Anthropologie.