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Be Inspired By: Federico de Vera

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Federico de Vera has strong point of view, with a terrific eye for beauty.  Having read much about his stores in the New York City area, I had to stop in.  So a few weeks ago on a rainy Saturday, I dragged my boyfriend along, making a point to not tell him exactly what we were going to see - he's not too fond of jewelry stores. Fortunately, when we entered the Upper East Side location, he was just as impressed as I was.  The New York Social Diary and The New York Times Magazine have both written about de Vera — merchant, collector, jewelry and exhibition designer and now, with the pending release of his books “De Vera Objects” and “De Vera Jewelry,” publisher.

“I can’t resist a great portrait.”

His eclectic interior decorating style is a breath of fresh air, it's different. I also like how there is an obvious sense of life and experience involved in his decor, you can tell that he's been all over the world, and each piece is hand picked.  I pulled this quote from the social diary that was a good question, smart answer.

"I wanted to also talk about how hard it is to find these objects and that you find things that other people wouldn't be able to find."

"Right.  You have to travel, pay the airfares, and use your time and sometimes I go to a city and find only one object or maybe none.  It is mostly a matter of really looking closely at everything . . . it could be just around the corner.  And education: if you know what you're looking at." (that last sentence I think is really important.)

“It’s the rarity of an object for me, and the beauty of it”“Each one of these objects in my store, they don’t belong to me permanently. They are just passing through.”

Jack's favorite object from the shop

“We each have our own curiosities, our own knowledge, likes and dislikes,” de Vera said. “In my case, I make things. I show them. I present them. The way I do what I do is the way I communicate my life, my personality.”

Really though, if you have the chance visit one of his stores, do it. Look at the beautiful objects that he has for sale, check out the beautifully design jewelry and examine the ways in which he displays everything, it's truly special.