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In The Spirit of Valentine's Day: Sailor's Valentines

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Sailor's Valentines are a type of sentimental gift, originally brought home from a sailor's voyage at sea for his loved one.  Typically octagonal boxes made of cedrella (Spanish Cedar) from the 1830s to 1880s by the natives of Barbados.  They contained mosaic designs created from seashells often including a centerpiece that was comprised of a compass rose, a heart design or even a message or sentiment.

A family friend of ours,  Lynda Susan Hennigan discovered her love for these traditional sentiments in her early childhood and has since began recreating them herself.  Lynda was featured in Country Living in 2009 where she spoke about her commitment to this craft,  " I always try keeping to period by using most of the same materials and methods used in the 1800s."

If you're interested in purchasing any of these beautiful art forms you can visit Lynda's website [here] for more information.

Literature and photographs found through wikipedia,, and country living magazine.  Photographs taken by Lauren Gries, unless otherwise stated.