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Apartment Updates!

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I'm am pleased to present a few updates that have been made to my apartment in the last couple months.  As for the living room, the most exciting progress is on the bookcase wall.  Jack finally, made the time to put up molding and to finish the mantel.  There are still a few little details like doors on the far right hand side and knobs/pulls that need to be added.  For now though, I think we can call this project pretty much finished!

For your reference, I have included the before and after photos!

In the Bedroom I have focused my time on the softer decorative details.  Such as the bedspread, curtains and pillows.  The curtains have been finished for quite a while, but the bedspread makes it looks a lot more complete.  I finished the picture wall for now,  I just have to find a place for the rest of our artwork.  There's just too much for the amount of wall space that we have.  Jack also made me the hamper that I had asked for long ago for Christmas.  We're still on the fence about how to finish off the herringbone caning though, do we go dark or do we leave it alone?

Hamper suggestions. . . please!