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Wednesday's Wants

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Being young, on a budget and living in NYC results in wanting a lot of things. Unfortunately, with all this want comes only a little getting. But I think if I express myself, I'll feel a little bit better.  Especially if any of you like what you see you can buy these things and I'll live vicariously through you!

1. The Summit Boot by J.Crew

These boots are sexy, stylish, and chic! I'm completely obsessed and want them SO BADLY! I can see them with some skinny jeans, cropped skinny trousers, for work and for play.   I'm saving up for these bad boys, they're definitely modern but a true classic!

2. Tall Apothecary Jar for holding toilet paper rolls

My manager was showing me her apartment and in her bathroom she had this exact jar, with her extra rolls of toilet paper inside. I just loved the idea so much, I told her I had to "Single White Female" her and copy this idea!  The great thing about this is that it's beautiful and takes up hardly any space! Heads up, she said that mostly all toilet paper fits except the giant rolls- you have to take a few sheets off before you can fit it inside.

3. Gourd Lamps

I know that these lamps are so 'of the moment', but I have wanted a gourd lamp for the past 2 years. Unfortunately, there's no way in hell that I can afford a Spitzmiller lamp ($1,990.00), but I can afford a Robert Abbey lamp from Lamps Plus at $157.00!

4. Seattle Ork Poster

My boyfriend and I discovered Ork posters on our trip to Seattle earlier this year.  Since then, we've seen them around a lot of New York shops, there are several different cities but Seattle has always been my favorite.  Maybe its because I'd love to live there . . . someday.

5. Greyhound Dog collar

I've heard great things about these kinds of collars and have wanted one for a while.  I love this print and the colors in this specific one.  It would look great on both my parent's Italian Greyhound Bentley and even my little piglet Rita Mae.  They work well for dogs that have heads that are smaller than the base of their neck, most commonly found in greyhound breeds. Rita however, has a short stubby neck and a little head, I think this style of collar would work on her too.  This handmade collar ($17.50) along with other colors can be found on at the Hatz4brats store.