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No Binging but lots of Purging: House Cleaning

Lauren Caron1 Comment

So this weekend was spent purging! We wanted to get rid of the stuff I feel has been holding us down.  Little things like weird tchotchkes, clothes I don't ever wear, extra fabric swatches, that collection of yarn that I haven't used to knit with all winter, art supplies we don't use and weird decorations that we'll never use again.  This morning we trucked this load to Housing Works.

We also successfully sold a few things on Craigslist this weekend.  I have to say too, that it is so easy!  I'm surprised how quickly things got snatched up, I think the trick is to price the pieces well. I have plans to continue this war path - as Jack titled it - and will sell more stuff next weekend. With the earnings from craigslist we're going to buy that shower curtain that we've been drooling over.  Yes, even Jack has been swooning over this one!  We're already $50.00 closer!

Has anyone else had success with Craigslist?  Any kind of New Year organizing going on around your house?