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Dressing Up Your Dresser: Displaying Your Jewelry At Home

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This topic has been discussed many times, just search "jewelry display home decor" and you'll find a lot of images and blog posts, but it just never seems to get old, to me anyway.  Over the years I've collected bunches of images and I am always so happy whenever I stumble upon them again.




Finding these photos once again inspired me to do something worth while on my day off.  Which was to finish painting the last quarter of my bedroom and to organize the top of my dresser.  I kept putting it off,  the painting part for months because I would have paint behind my dresser.   It's quite the behemoth of a bureau, but with the extra willpower I felt especially strong and decided to finish the job.

Along with organizing my jewelry and frames, I added the elephant lamp which was a purchase made this summer.  I couldn't find the right lampshade for the longest time, until last week when on another day off (gotta love those floating holidays) I was able to go to this small shade store on Lexington Ave. - Lexington Lampshades is the name.  I searched for months trying to find an affordable shade, preferably less expensive than what I paid for the lamp itself, but the issue with this one was that I wanted a 10", pagoda style shade.  Apparently that size is hard to come by and typically expensive.  Luck found me though, shop owner cut me a deal.  The total price of the lamp, shade and finial ended up costing me $90.00.  Not too bad all things considered.

How do you keep your jewelry?