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2010 New York Holiday Windows: Ralph Lauren - Madison Avenue's Mens, Ladies & Kids.

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I finally forced myself off the bus tonight (with a load of bags may I say) to take photos of the glamorous Ralph Lauren Mansions on Madison Avenue @ 72nd street. I have to give myself a pat on the back because I was seriously carrying a heavy load tonight . . . Xmas presents galore but taking pictures was necessary!  Having done a little bit of freelance work with this company, I somewhat know the 'in's and out's' of their creative visual and I have to say, they take it very seriously!  It's very impressive how much of an importance they put on their visuals. With that being said, they spared no expense this year.

The first stop is the kids store. These windows are seriously sweet, although selling children's clothes at this level of maturity really expresses who their actual customer is . . . wealthy moms and dads.

These next few are cute, the train!

At the Men's Store, also known as The Mansion the windows took on different themes within the different brands featured in the store.   As always, they feature the equestrian theme and being a horse person, I love it!

RRL & Co.




Lastly, the new mansion or Chateau as I like to call it.

I have to say that my only complaint about these windows is the lighting; in person its beautiful, but the lighting is a little low for taking photographs.  By the way, a little interesting fact: This location is the first one to use realistic Rootstein mannequins.  The mannequins chosen were based upon the models that walked in the most recent Ralph Lauren Collection Fall 2010 runway show.

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