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2010 New York Holiday Windows: Anthropologie

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Well everyone Anthropologie has done it again.  They have created beautifully unique displays for each of their 135 or so stores. In New York alone, all of the window displays are different while following a similar theme . . .  a chilly, three filled, winter wonderland with cute and furry animals present though out the displays.  The DDI magazine (Display Design Ideas) was very impressed with their work, awarding the Rockefeller Center location the platinum award in excellence in holiday window design.

For the 11th consecutive year, the DDI Winning Windows awards honor the top three Manhattan retail stores for their excellence in holiday window design. DDI Winning Windows judges walked New York City, touring the storefronts and delighting in the creative, festive and impeccably executed designs that window teams across the city have spent the past year planning.

Judging was based on three criteria: originality and creativity, spirit of the season and technical aspects of execution. This year's 2010 judges included Jessie Bove, managing editor, DDI Magazine; Ron Knoth, professor, Laboratory Institute of Merchandising; and Peter-Tolin Baker, principal at P-T B Design Services.

Anthropologie's windows are inspired by trees this year. Through the use of both live and handmade trees, the retailer's stores recreated the traditional narrative of a tree farm. At Rockefeller Center, one window features pinecones—real and handmade—cascading from a wintry bench decorated with colorful yarn. Other windows showcase various interpretations of pinecones, trees and branches, playing with scale and offering passersby a glimpse into a hidden world. Lastly, a window of stacked pastel boxes features hundreds of trinkets and baubles, some adorned with vintage gift tags, beckoning visitors to peruse the goods inside. - Excerpt from DDI Magazine

I have not been able to make it to the Rockefeller Center location, so the photos from this location are a collaborative effort from various blogs and sites. Enjoy:

Marianne this is for you - a knit bench!

Fifth Avenue downtown location:

Love these Reindeer

West Broadway Soho location:

I hope to make it down to Rockefeller center myself at night, to take some better photos.

So far readers, which store has your favorite windows?  Any suggestions on the next installment?