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Random Ramblings: A break from Window Displays

Lauren Caron3 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it! I hope you had a great long weekend, or at least a nice little break for those who still had work Friday or this weekend.  I worked on Friday, but it was extremely quiet at the office, quite pleasant actually. I always love commuting on those odd, somewhat holiday mornings.

It seems as though my life tends to follow a cycle.  Especially when it comes to decorating.  Every few weeks I stop doing and start thinking.  Usually I have my butt planted on the couch, space out while my boyfriend plays his video games and think about all the great and wonderful things I should be doing.  Usually what comes to mind are all of the unfinished projects. Tonight is one of those times.  Can you believe that I actually forced myself out of the house to go shopping at Antrhopologie today? I love shopping . . .   even more at ANTHRO! But really, I had to make myself get up and leave.  By the way, I bought some really cute stuff. Some great jeans, a cute necklace and a blouse (All on sale)!  I also found some gifts for my friends and family. - That's really why I went shopping.

I think tomorrow I will force myself to buy some spray paint and paint my curtain rod in the bedroom.  I finished sewing my curtains last week and I think the rod and loops would look much nicer painted black.  They're currently mismatched, a natural wooden rod with white curtain loops - hand me downs from my mom.  The flowers were a gift from the boyfriend, he's so sweet.

On a side note, one project that my brain has been stewing on is this 3d rendering that I have to create for a class I'm taking.  This May I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology but I decided it would be beneficial to continue educating myself by taking random design classes.  It's been extremely painful I must admit, taking a class that is not a necessity.  But to counter act my disinterest I've given myself the task of making the work relate to my life.  The class is about learning the CAD program 3D Studio Max, a great program to know when you're in the Interior Design - Visual Merchandising - Architecture  business.  I've decided that my final project will be a 3D representation of my kitchen as it is now, and how terrific it would look if I were to paint the cabinets white!  I hope if I show my management office these renderings, they'll be convinced to allow me to start painting.  With my luck they won't be swayed, but at least I'll have had a final project, practice in 3D Max and a finished product that's relevant to my life.  I will post the finished renderings in a few weeks. Wish me luck!