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Displaying Pictures

SPACESLauren Caron4 Comments

In the recent Elle Decoration - UK magazine, there is an article 'Letters From Paris' about the American stylist James Leland Day's Parisian apartment.

The place is really sweet and humble and I especially like the way that he displayed his pictures. After a little bit of research I realize he has a knack for this. . . duh he's a stylist.

But anyways, I thought I would experiment with my pictures in my bedroom. They seemed a little too grid-like and not in a good way, so I thought the little bit of artful picture arranging would make my picture wall more interesting in my bedroom.

Now, since I never do things the "right" way, I didn't measure and just eyed the placement. There are many more holes in my wall than there should be and my downstairs neighbors were probably a little bit annoyed with me on Saturday, but I like outcome. Jack, not so much, but oh well. I don't feel like getting out the spackle and the holes all pretty much all hidden with the current arrangement.

Of Course Rita Mae was so intrigued with what I was doing, so she had to get in the photo shoot.