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It's just paint! Bedroom Re-do

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This is the third apartment that in New York that I have decided to repaint a room.   I say re-paint, because whenever we move into any apartment, I immediately paint every room.  Sometimes, actually every time it seems as though I change my mind on at least one room color.  The first apartment where I had to repaint was in Brooklyn, I had to change our living room color from a bright coral to a softer Peach (never actually liked either though). In the next place I changed the bedroom.  My boyfriend and I wanted to paint it a light blue-green, something that wasn't masculine or feminine.  But because there wasn't much natural light, finding the right color was hard.  We originally chose a light color, thinking that it would make the room feel less dark.  That was the wrong idea, because trying to make a room feel lighter when there really isn't any light to begin with will not work.  That's when I really understood where the theory of "working with what you have," comes from.  So I ended up painting the room a darker more saturated blue-green (it was still on the lighter end of the color chip though).  That color was White Rain by Benjamin Moore.  White Rain did look great in our dark bedroom, the greys in the color seemed to come out and make the room feel really cozy and inviting.

When we moved into our current apartment,  we decided to paint our walls that same color.  But in this place, we have a long narrow room with a lot of light.  After a year of living with this color I decided white rain it actually made the room feel a little too cozy.  It wasn't bad, but I never really liked the outcome.

About a month ago though, when I was in Mood looking for fabrics for work, I stumbled upon this fabric.  There seriously was a moment where time stood still, I gazed upon to the heavens and  "Awwweeeeee," I had found my bedroom design.  This would be the curtain fabric, the coordinating fabrics would be the accent for pillows and upholstery for my Louis Chair and after matching up paint chips, Abalone (by Benjamin Moore) would be the wall color.  Two weeks ago, I began the transformation.  Luckily, I had the chance to bring my newly painted bed down from my parent's house.  Next step was to paint the walls.  Because I always do things the quick and easy way, I just pushed all of the furniture into the center of the room and painted wall by wall:

and voila!

Now that the painting is done, it really does feel so much better.  It's weird how color can completely change the mood of a room.  The next step in the transformation, which will provide the finishing touches, will be to sew the new curtains and to upholster the chair!  I'm also thinking about painting my bureau a bright yellow to add a little bit of pop of color in the room.