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Mechanic Lamps

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When we went to Paris this summer my boyfriend - Jack and I visited the store Merci. I had heard fabulous things about its visuals and overall beauty, so we had to go see it for ourselves. Well the store was beautiful and we fell in love, and of course I couldn't leave without buying something.

That something ended up being a few Mechanic lamps - also know as trouble lights. They were only 15 euros a piece, which is a steal compared to how much I've seen them selling for at other places.  Another bonus is that surprisingly, Jack likes them as much as I do.

I find out now, he probably likes them because they were originally used by mechanics.   The real ones have hooks that can attach to the cars and can hang from basically anywhere, making them quite handy. Lately, spins-off of the designs have sprung up at multiple design chains stores and they're definitely a bit trendy.  I'm not one for following trends and they're a little more industrial than the rest of our apartment, so we've had a hard time figuring out where to place them in our home. You can see the many designs I've found across the net below:

Last weekend however, I think I found the solution.  In our kitchen, we have a sad lighting situation.   I bought a small cheap track light for a quick fix a few months back, but it is really ugly. In place of that track light, I've come up with a better solution where we can create a track light/pendant/keep lamp creation!

Something actually very similar to this light above, but obviously less light bulbs!  This lamp is a cool idea, but maybe a little too obnoxious.  The design I have in mind will hopefully turn out something like this.  But like everything else in my life, you'll have to stay tuned to see how it turns out.