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Glass Bottles

TRENDLauren CaronComment

Let's just say this post is a continuation of a series of posts that relate to glass vessels.  A few months back I wrote about Terrariums, and then it was the candy shop, now it's glass bottles and for the next post, I have something else up my sleeve (that I'll try to put together in the next few days.)  I recently saw a set of images from Apartment Therapy that I thought were really interesting.

The idea was to use glass bottles to display vintage photographs.  So simple, elegant and beautiful!  A great idea for weddings and special family events or even for the holidays.  But since that post I've been noticing more and more glass bottles.  With endless possibilities of color, shape and sizes, I'm thinking that these interesting and unique bottles that are usually on presentation could make for great forms for presentation of other objects, such as jewelry or a signage of some sort.