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Beautiful kitchens have been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe its because I can't do anything with mine . . . it's a rental.   I politely asked my super to ask management if I could paint our cabinets (they would be done professionally at my boyfriend's carpentry shop). Right now they're that heinous oak wood finish that's peeling from water damage. I was thinking a nice white or light grey would look beautiful with the white tiled backsplash and the white appliances. But no, the only thing they said I could do to 'fix' the water damage would be to paint them the same color brown as the current wood. VOMIT.  So with the kitchen fresh on my mind I have been attracted to beautiful kitchens lately. Here are a few that inspire me, you can thank Lonny for many of these. I especially love the one that is in the latest issue of Elle Decor - which is fabulous this month!  please note: Elle kitchen will be coming soon!

This is exactly what I would like to go for in my small kitchen . . . but no.

Does anyone else see a trend in my taste? Subway tiles, white or light cabinets with contrasting countertops.