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Busy Life - October

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The past few weeks I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.  From freelancing at multiple places in multiple departments, to adopting a new dog and working on our apartment.

Photo By:  Fine Blog

I know many of you have been reading and hearing lots about the new Ralph Lauren Women's flagship that is opening across the street from the current men's flagship - The Mansion and I have been lucky enough to be apart of it's opening.  As a freelancer in the creative department I have helped with the window installations, the home collection on the top floor and have dressed more mannequins than I can count.  The building is beautiful! It's so well built and designed, down to every last detail.  This Beaux Arts Mansion or "The Giant" as the insiders are calling it, has a different feel to each floor pulling influences from Baroque to Rococo and even Neoclassical.  The decorative details and finishes are outstanding.


Each room on the home floor is based upon a collection: The Heiress, Upper Fifth and Brook Street are recreated to from the showrooms down to every last vintage found piece.  The only props missing, were the dogs.  Let's just say I was a drooling a bit.  But seriously, watch the introduction video on the landing page of Ralph Lauren Home [here].  Everything you see in that video, is in the store.  The Heiress collection is definitely my favorite.  Mostly because of the chandeliers that are used as decorative accents, but I can imagine myself in that bed very easily.  We were joking around how the "Heiress's home" would the modern day Grey Gardens.  Eat your heart out Edie.


I also managed to get some of the best work outs of my life in the past week, huffing it up the 5 flights of stairs, numerous times; I think I counted 336 steps.  My gluts are definitely maxi-mus!


In other news, my boyfriend and I have adopted a dog!  She's a wonderful, tiny, little sweetie of a rat terrier.  We're calling her Rita Mae, because she's quite the southern bell.  She was rescued through Sugar Mutts Rescue of Brooklyn, NY.  They found her in Greenville, South Carolina at a shelter.  She's already turning out to be a wonderful dog and has latched on to us pretty quickly. We're just so in love!

I've been gathering and building up a lot of inspiration from busy life lately, so don't worry.  I will definitely be pushing posts out in word vomit soon enough!  We also got our new bed home and put together this weekend, I've started sewing my new drapes and this week I plan to begin painting.  So excited!