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I'll take you to the candy shop!

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That song by 50 cent used to be my ring tone back in oh let's see 2003 or '04.  It had a great beat and I was always excited to answer my phone.  But I'm writing in regards to something else, possibly more interesting.

At work today I was set out to research ideas for centerpiece displays. I found some terrific apothecary jars and candy jars that I was beginning to think would make for great storage containers in my pantry cupboard.

Then a light bulb went off and I remembered my trip to Seattle where we visited the Blackbird Candy Shoppe! They had decorated the place like an old style penny candy store letting the product shine.

I also have this inspiration image saved of this kitchen where their pantry also uses glass containers for storage. I've been meaning for a long time to get my pantry going but every time I head to the container store I'm bored to death and offended by the cost of plastic containers. I know, I know they have glass ones too and the ones I need. But for some reason my excitement gets lots as soon as I enter that section.  I think I just need to carry these photos with me as a little reminder to how much better my life could be.  This website offers discounted prices on cake stands, apothecary jars, candy jars and even more! Maybe I won't mind spending money on glass containers if they are a little more beautiful.

Next step I'm thinking will be to paint the inside of my cupboard so that when you open the doors its like a wonderful surprise! Unlike how it is now . . . blah and yuk.  I'm wondering should I go in the direction of Blackbird by painting it black? Or should I paint it the turquoise accent that I have been using in my kitchen? Both are apart of the current color story, I just think something bright or deep in color will allow for my stored items to stand out more beautifully. Anyone have suggestions?  Advice?