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Hamper Time

SPACESLauren Caron4 Comments

I want a hamper!  I'm tired of the mess that is our dirty laundry.  Right now we have a laundry basket in front of our bureau that's overflowing.  Since we typically only do laundry once every two weeks, the only way we can manage our dirty clothes is to put them in a really big hamper . . . Why's that?  Because we don't have laundry in our building and going to the laundry mat is awful.  I hate doing laundry so much!  I won't however, pay to have it done for me because 1. it's too expensive and 2. Most of my clothes cannot be machine dried.

So that leaves me with the chance to design yet another piece of furniture to build.  I'm thinking a hamper disguised as a bench!  That way we'll be able to put it at the end of our bed and it will be big enough to fit all of our clothes!  What a lovely solution.