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Ideas or Opinions: Welcomed!

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The process of my home's decorating has definitely slowed down since my work-life has sped up.  But I can't complain, because the credit card bill was beginning to grow and grow and grow.  That doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking about what still NEEDS to happen.  The most recent obsessions have been about my bedroom.  Having bought a bed and painted it, re-painted it, and made plans to paint it once again, I'm a little unsettled about it.  I think in the end, the bed will be black and cream.

What has most concerned me lately is adding a light fixture on my side of the bed (the wall side) and building a large hamper that looks like a bench at the end of the bed.  I have drawn up the plans for the hamper for my boyfriend to build.  He doesn't seem too excited about it, but he knows our clothing situation is out of control.  We're both sick of looking at our dirty clothes in a basket all the time.

For the light fixture, I want a sconce/reading/wall lamp that is not too traditional and not too typical.  As you can see right now I have the matching aqua lamps and the chandelier (which I am thinking about switching out) that all have to coordinate or at least in a sense work with the new fixture.  I have a budget of less than $200.00 for the light, hoping to spend around $100.00.  Here are the ones that I have found and like that are within my price range.

The first two options are from Pottery Barn, the top is Wyatt Sconce and the above is the Stratford Sconce.

This one above is from Restoration Hardware.

This last one is what I'm calling a wild card, could look great or horrible. This is also from Pottery Barn.

If anyone has an suggestions I'd love to hear them, so please express your opinions and ideas.