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Must Love Dogs

Lauren Caron2 Comments

I have to apologize for my absence lately.  I've had a rough few weeks because we lost our beloved dog, Wesley.

He had been spending a week in the country enjoying the outdoors and open air.  Sadly though, on Thursday evening around 6 pm, in a spontaneous dog-like manner he sprinted through my parents screen door, across the road to visit the neighbor's dog.  On his way back he was struck by a car and instantly passed.

Jack and I are feeling better having to cope with the loss of our 'child'.  He was our first dog together, we rescued him from a kill shelter on our way back from a vacation.  We had planned on getting a dog for a while and always wanted to adopt, but we found him on whim at the Providence, RI city shelter.  It was hard to knowing nothing about his previous life, three years with someone, who either ditched him or didn't try hard enough to find him, or who knows what.  Wesley came to us with a number of issues, separation anxiety being his worst, but we loved him.  The things I'll most miss about him are his 'fatty tumors' that were on his side and his little skin tag on his right elbow that always looked like a tick.  He loved Chewy-nolas and hated squeak toys.  He moaned whenever it was time to put his leash on and howled along to opera music.  We will never forget his floppy ears, his big brown eyes and his sweet kisses.  His time with us was short but I really think he appreciated the year that we gave him.  From his walks in the big city to his runs in cow fields.  I want to quote my mother's friend Susan Bontecou as she said of him in the country, "He was like a fresh air kid coming to the country for a summer vacation."  But as my mother says, he just decided to stay.