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Midsummer Window Displays: Part I

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First of all I'd like to apologize, these photos are not the best, they were taken during daylight hours with my IPhone, and it's not an IPhone 4, so the amount of pixels aren't so grand.

A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon off from work, window shopping. Less shopping more researching, researching the window designs to be more specific.  It's mid to late summer, and window displays are typically sparse.  Be it during the peak of sale season, no one wants to feature sale items in the windows, but the full selection of fall isn't yet out.  So that means that window designers have to be even more creative, especially since these are most likely the years lowest budget installations.  My first stop was the ol' favorite, Bergdorf Goodman.  Low and behold, their 5th ave windows were "undergoing renovation" (which means they were in the process of being changed.)

Working in the 57th street window

On the 57th Street side of the store, the display artists were hard at work.  Installing and painting the props. I loved seeing the dressed and styled mannequins all covered in plastic.

Working in the 57th street windows
David Hoey (in the white shirt) is the Director of Visual Presentation

I caught a glimpse of David Hoey, the Director of Visual Presentation at Bergdorfs.  He's such a genius.  Oh to sit in a meeting with he and Linda Fargo, I just can't imagine their two minds at work.  I couldn't hang out for too long, I'm often the only one on the street standing and staring when they're installing.  Soon enough they'll start to recognize me and think of clever nicknames. Can't let that happen.

On the south side of the store, 56th street, or possibly they call it the Plaza side.  The last installation was still up, with painted furniture and monkeys.  I've seen lots of monkeys in BG's windows over the years, someone must have a love for them.

I want to make note of the paint job on the furniture in the next set of photos.  As they're supposed to evoke a dusty old attic feeling, they're still beautiful with details accented by the sepia toned paint strokes.  I think these could really work in an interior sometime as well.