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Elle Decor Sept. 2010- FRENCH CONNECTION

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I really like the home featured in this issue but because I'm overly observant and pay attention to details.  I have to say the sink in this article really bugs me! Not because I don't like the sink, but because there is an editing or maybe a styilng flaw!

When you look at the cover you see the faucet above, it's probably made of nickel. Now when you look at the image below, the faucet is BLACK. What's up with that?

Did anyone else notice?!  I honestly saw the difference the moment I opened this magazine. I thought wow, I love this kitchen.  I flipped right to the article and viola, I saw the black faucet.  I'm not sure of which one I like better though. Does this bug anyone else? Which one do you prefer?  On a side note, isn't the rest of the home beautiful? I love it!