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Vintage Glass Bottles

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I've seen a lot of these lately.  We can thank Martha Stewart for one because she did a piece about them in her latest issue of Martha Stewart Living.  The article "Collecting Bottles & Jars" was really informative about the different kinds, dates and terms in relation to these beautiful historical objects. The photograph above was taken of a windowsill in my mother's house.  She has had these for as long as I can remember and I've always loved them.  They're beautiful on their own as well with floral arrangement.  A few weeks ago I was at Lee's Art Store in the city and purchased several little ink jars that ranged in different colors and were on sale for only $1.00 each! I can't wait to do something with them, like make tiny floral arrangements out of them.  These bottles also remind me of the other things that you can do with the glass bottles, such as making terrariums. Terrariums are all the rage now.  At the Brooklyn Flea there was a whole booth, Twig that is dedicated to them. This shop creates terrariums with the most interesting types of glass containers, ranging from small bottles to bell jars.  I especially love the extra sense of humor they add by putting little figurines inside.

Photo: Robert Wright

Terrariums also make for a great do-it-yourself project.  They're beautiful, easy to upkeep, imaginative and fun to make yourself.

photo credits: Thrift Candy

If you would like make one yourself, check out this website that gives you all the steps and how-to's:  How to make a terrarium. I've planned to make one for myself for a while. We were given one, but my boyfriend somehow killed it! Oh well, it's awful I know. I honestly love looking into them imagining that they're a whole world on a tiny scale. It brings me back to my childhood when I could just think it, and I would be in that world.  Wonder what kinds of little worlds I could come up with now. What would you do if you made a terrarium? What kind of container would you use? Would you add a figure?