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Parisian Flea Market

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Visited the Clignancourt flea market in Paris on our trip and I must say I was a little disappointed. It's really hard to find any deals or anything worth taking home.  I did find this one vendor who's visual displays and "visual merchandising" techniques (that sounds a little strange for a flea market), were amazing.  The name on the business card she gave me is:  Tombées du Camion.  Here are a few images from her shop.

I bought one of those green twisted bead necklaces. This shop would be heaven for jewelry designers or just anyone who would like to make crafty little things out of odds and ends.

I really wanted to buy one of those glass eyes, but I couldn't think of anything I could use them for. . . Now I wish I had just bought them.  The next few images are from shops that I found while walking through the giant maze.

Beads galore!

Wouldn't these be so fun to make. Chanel Russian dolls!

Last year when I went to the Flea Market in the south of Paris I had better luck. I guess because it's smaller and the lesser known of the markets, I was able to get better deals and it was much less picked over.  Last year I found my brother a few ties and a belt and scarf for myself.  Of course at each market there is plenty of wonderful furniture, but the deals do not outweigh the cost of the shipping.

All photos taken by: Lauren Gries