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A quality entrance is key in any place and even though a lot of New York apartments may seem too small, creating an entrance can actually enhance the size of the space.  When you create separate areas and break up the space by matter of use not only can your quaint little apartment feel more organized, but also more interesting and yes a tiny bit bigger.   I am actually trying to come up with a good concept for my entrance way.  Before photos will not be attached as of yet, so please use your imagination. It's more like a wall to the left of the door that holds a calendar/organizer with an Ipod dock, a small cabinet for menus and the mail, and our keys.  You can see it from all rooms of the apartment except for the bathroom. It's cluttered and boring and so UNINSPIRING!

A little while back I was in Barnes and Noble free-browsing the design books and found the Domino Book of Decorating.  I know, it came out forever ago but I never bought it because I saved all my Domino magazines and felt silly to be buying basically the same thing all over again (that is a neutered version.)  What is nice about this book is how it is organized.  There was a complete section on entryway ideas and it definitely inspired me to work on mine.  In the photograph below, I really enjoy the pattern and the shoe bin. We have a messy shoe bin now, but its not a bright blue like that! Can I see a bottle of spray paint in the future?

I also discovered this lovely installment from apartment therapy because they're amazing, it's 10 Different Ways to Organize and Entryway.  I have listed the way below, all taken from Apartment Therapy.

1 Cabinet and Mirror

2 Wall-Mounted for a Small Space ( This one is so cool! I just can't even imagine where you could find such a thing? So convenient right?!

3 Alcove Bench

4 A Hallway Coat Rack ( I actually really the display case fixture for a jewelry store. I really like its look and the design of the two different legs. Oh and check out that boot rack! Its a great idea. I think I may have to steal that. It would be so easy to make, buy a few dowels of your choice in diameter  and a 4" x 4" peice of wood. Then cut and drill and viola! You have a cute and small boot rack. )

5 Use What You've Got (This entrance table is so cute, I love the paint job.  I also like how they leaned some images against the wall to make it a little more casual.  The large bowl looks like a stylish catch all, coin and keys bowl.)

• 6 A Table with Stools (This is a good idea for putting your shoes on, however I don't know how much it would work in a small space, it definitely wouldn't work in my place.)

•7 Trope l'Oeil (This is what I'm thinking about doing with my place, maybe an image of a city street that if you look at from another room would feel almost realistic.  I'm sure any environmental image/space would creative a feeling of depth and more size in the room.)

• Buit-in (Love built ins!!)

•9 Hooks and Cubbies (This photograph below is a great way to display your scarves, bags, coats, hats, etc. It also looks great empty.)

10 Organized Desk (Yum just love the colors in this image. The wallpaper is so dynamic.)

I personally think the best entryways have a punch, that includes either a strong color, pattern or even a quirky idea that adds appeal by way of its concept.  What am I thinking about doing? Well definitely an interesting color or wallpaper or even paint by number sort of a thing on the wall.  I'm not sure if I want to go all out and use my intense accent color of Tiffany Blue, or a richer yellow or even a dark grey.  the entryway is in the kitchen by the way so it needs to fit in with this color story. This view is what you basically see when you enter the apartment, if you look to your left you will see the area that I'm going to redo.  Please see below:

If you're interested in any of the photos, all of them were found through, with the exception of the last one. photography taken and owned by Lauren Gries.