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Apartment Updates: Living Room

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The living room is finally coming along. I'm now deciding on fabrics and waiting for my lovely to finish building the "fire"place/TV cabinet.  Here are a few before and after photos, its still a work in progress but for now, this is how we're living. This wall is where our couch sits, I do not have a before image.

This is the wall with the windows on it. Before:

This photo was taken at night, so of course the ambience does not fee right, but here is the After:

Another picture with the sunlight coming in. After:

I really want to recover that chair, so I have spent the time photoshopping different colors onto the chair.  The three colors I chose at the D&D building are silk velvet, and I picked them so that they will work in both the living room (with both kinds of curtains that I have) and the bedroom.  I think for the chair I'm going to go with one of the blues and use the tangerine color as an accent pillow.