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Peeping Toms: Neighbors

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I received another fabric sample today. I recently order about 12. It is pretty nice but it leaves me even more indecisive about what I'm going to make our kitchen window curtain/shade out of.  I really need something because I'm so tired of having our neighbors see me walking around my apartment in my jundies.  I'm sure they love watching me as much as I love watching them. Jack and I have created character personalities for them. Starting with "naked guy" who yes walks around naked and its pretty horrid as the window only showcase his naughty bits. The "bachelor" who Jack named because we have never seen a significant other, nor him leave his TV lounge chair. And of course "the mexicans" (sorry if that sounds offensive, its not, they're Mexican) who all watch TV together and walk around shirtless.  Yesterday they were fan smoke out of their apartment with towels in their briefs.  It makes me think of the movie Rear Window, which is a favorite of mine. Fortunately, I'm not watching any murders. Check it out. Our neighbors windows: Top window-Mexicans. Bottom two- Bachelor. Sorry I did not include the naked guy.


oh yeah, I almost forgot. The fabric swatches. These are the ones I'm trying to decide between.


Picture 1

The deer one I think will go well because it  will play off of the black and white accents that are already in the room. I have black countertops and a white backsplash (that I can not change.) I have hung images of black and white photographs and etchings.  The other one is a graphic print that is the same exact color of my dishware.  It also is close to the blue color of my bedroom walls which you can see through the french doors in the kitchen. The next picture was taken about a month ago, I have since finished painting the walls, changed out the rug in the bedroom, moved the bed to the other wall and put molding on the french door. Jack built both the door and the wall that is in. The kitchen and bedroom were originally all one room.