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I have been away for so long from my blog. I have been very busy thinking and planning and moving and decorating. So for an update on our new place. Jack has built a wall to make the large living room/kitchen into a kitchen and bedroom. The wall also has a beautiful french door which he built from scratch. In the living room he has built the shelving unit/entertainment center. It's not completely finished because he still has to put the crown molding up and the bottom cabinet that the TV sits on. I also have to paint the entire unit.  He has also built up the closet and of course that's not completely finished either. But things are getting done which makes me feel better. As for the rest of the place, its still a mess full of boxes and extra furniture that we don't have the right place for. Right now we do not have an "office" because we have decided that the lovely secretary he built for the last apartment is too big. We are thinking of doing a few things. #1. Cut the thing down and make it a smaller secretary. Which will entail taking the top shelves off and just leaving the desk part with the door and the bottom drawers. This may look a little awkward, I'm not sure.  #2. Taking one of the older pieces that my mother has offered me. Which would be a real antique secretary, but the issue with that would be that we wouldn't have any filing cabinets. #3. Jack could build a new one. This would not be the best because it would be a waste of money and time, he has so much else to do! haha. I love my boyfriend. 

I would post photos, but the place is such a disaster.