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I'm back from Paris and sick as a dog.  I guess its mostly because my body is run down and overtired.  Paris was a wonderful experience but now its back to the real world.  I am also in the midst of moving. We have to be all finished and moved out by Saturday so that we can paint the old place back to white. Its a little bitter sweet to be moving. I have the process of moving and living out of boxes for a few weeks, but I love having a new place to call home where I can paint and redecorate. This new place is also larger than our current apartment. I'll be posting the process because before and after photos are always the best. Took some color inspiration from Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon.  There was this room with these soft, pale almost grey greens that I had to put in our living room. The color I show is Benjamin Moore Morning Dew. Its beautiful. Subtle as Jack said, because he couldn't tell it was green at first. When he finishes the molding, I'll paint the molding a darker shade called Vale Mist.