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Traveling to Paris

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I've been very busy as I have been packing and repacking trying to make the most of a small yet bountiful wardrobe for Paris.  Yesterday I stopped into The Container Store and lucky me they were having a travel promotion. I sat in on a "2 min" demo and won a $25.00 gift card! Of course I ended up spending $60.00 but I bought the travel sized Space Bags which are awesome and "No-leak" bottles for my shampoo & Conditioner.  Unfortunately though, even with the space bags I don't have enough room for what I was planning to take with me. Now I have to downsize and thats always the  worst part.  Along with the usual clothes and cameras I have to bring my computer and sketching supplies to record my research artistically. Today was my last day at work for over a month and my lovely boss gave me a going away gift!  It's a perfect size journal to record my travels. I would say it fits right in with the theme as well. I hope the weather is as nice as that picture is. I looked at the weather today and its like 60 degrees and raining right now. I really hope it doesn't rain too much. I have all these sun dresses that I want to wear.


I'm pretty excited about trying out yoga while I'm in Paris, my studio has a sister company in Paris that I'm going to check out. I'm sure if I go I won't have a clue as to what they'll be saying the whole time. I can just imagine myself being 3 seconds behind everyone else and looking like a total american idiot.  Okay enough word vomit.  Hopefully, the next time I write it will be something a little more interesting.