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In Limbo: To Move or Not To Move

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So we may not be moving after all.  This is something I'm neither happy nor unhappy about.  I have been so stressed about this moving business and everything else that is happening in my life.  We are thinking of just staying where we are, we have a good deal now. We can't have a dog though and the management are assholes, as I learned this morning. (Thank you Penny for your harsh attitude first thing in the morning.) For us to stay, Jack and I will probably renovate the kitchen. Nothing too expensive, but  enough so that we don't have to hate living here in this apartment.  It's just really poorly laid out with 2 refrigerators too many.  Our super is going to take out the half fridge this weekend, which will be nice and my friend is putting together a plan for the kitchen.  With jack being a carpenter, he'll be able to build the cabinets at his shop and make this place look so much better. I wish we had done this two years ago, but we were afraid that we wouldn't get our security deposit back. But now, after looking at so many places and seeing what other tenants have done, I know that whatever we do, will be better than it is now and our landlords will thank us later.  spaces_pic11

this came from the interior designer Kelly G's website


This one I took from Apartment Therapy