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cherry blossom I love New York on days like today. The sun was shining, the temperature was in the 70s with a slight breeze and all of the cherry blossoms are out. The first few days of Spring in New York are so interesting because people seem to be so much happier, everyone is out and about and strolling instead of rushing along the side walks.  There are parents with strollers, (yes, parents pushing their OWN children. . its amazing) dogs being walked, and couples holding hands.  After being cooped up indoors all winter and fighting you're way to work or school in the morning begins to wear on you, but finally its days like these that remind of why I'm living here.

Which brings me to my next topic. Living situations. Now is the time when I start thinking about my lease, our lease is up at the end of June, but its that stressful time of the year in deciding whether to move or not.  This year things are totally different. With the economy as bad as it is, we're for the first time in a long time, in a renter's market (!) which is why I shouldn't be paying when I will be when my lease renews.  I'm thinking about bargaining with my landlord, but what worries me is that the landlord isn't one person, its a company out in the richest part of Long Island. They don't give a damn about me. All they want is their money and expect that someone sometime will pay it.  The other issue is that I will be studying in France for 3 1/2 weeks this summer, (which is awesome) but not so awesome because my lease ends 5 days after I return.   So I need to find a place now or decide to stay. My boyfriend does not enjoy looking or packing, so I can't expect him to really do any of the work either. He just moves our sleeper sofa up the stairs and the rest of that heavy stuff and that's about it.

What does excite me about moving is redecorating!! And I already have new ideas. Here are a few!


I would love to have a wall of shelving, however mine would be custom built by my carpenter boyfriend.

bedroom I am completely in love with this bedroom. I hope to find a new place with a bright bedroom. Ours right now is a nice size but there is hardly any light and its hard to achieve this light airy look.

summer01_smallThe colors in this living room are so fun. Its weird how its a grey but it doesn't seem cold. I'm thinking of trying a warm grey in my next living room.

08green3-20-09_rect5401This kitchen just seems to tasty. whites and soft greens would be really nice. sigh.

colette-open_smallThis is great idea. I could totally do this.